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September 26 2021

Natural born thinkers podcast

Cliff Goldmacher

Songwriter, Producer, Educator and authoer

Cliff shares how the art of songwriting can help unlock our nascent creativity and help us think differently about our biggest challenges.  We even write and perform a song live on the podcast to highlight how impactful and accessible this practice is!

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  • March 28 2023

    Dr Shelley Carson

    Phycologist, lecturer, author

    You have a creative brain! Shelley explains the creative brain and discusses how individuals can discover and build their nascent creative potential.

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  • March 28 2023

    Anthony Rocco

    Experience designer, management consultant and entrepreneur

    Getting curious about the power of curiosity. Anthony explores the ideas and impacts of living a more curious lifestyle including how curiosity can help us discover ourselves, connect with others and unlock new opportunities.

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