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May 3 2021

Natural born thinkers podcast

Naomi Bagdonas

Author, entrepreneur and Stanford lecturer

Humour can help unlock your creative potential…seriously!”

What if laughing more could increase your creative capacity?

In this podcast I talk to Naomi Bagdonas, co-author of the immediate US national best-seller, "Humor, Seriously: Why humor is a superpower at work and in life."  Naomi discusses the neuroscience, mindset and techniques that enable humour and how humour can increase power, resilience, human connection and creativity.

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  • September 26 2021

    Cliff Goldmacher

    Songwriter, Producer, Educator and authoer

    Unlock your creative confidence through songwriting! Cliff shares how the art of songwriting can help to unlock our nascent creativity and think differently about our biggest challenges. (photo credit Juan Patino)

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  • May 3 2021

    Dr Parmvir Bahia

    Neuroscientist, science communicator and entrepreneur

    “Science is creativity!” There is a natural tendency to associate the word “creativity” more readily with art than science, but actually, creativity is equally relevant and critical to the scientific world!

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